Friday, February 29, 2008

Cabin Fever

The recent strep infection in his throat has rendered Two Fish incapable of doing anything productive (I realize how hilarious that sounds given that he is FOUR). Inexplicably however, it has in no way affected his ability to talk. A lot. Approximately 18 hours straight every day. In a really loud voice. For the past four days. How is it that he is able (driven?) to chat me up about anything/everything under the sun, and at times about the sun and stars too, but he is obviously incapable of so much as getting dressed. And has had a 103 fever. I can't whisper when I have a 103 fever. Not that I can remember being that sick. But I do think that any communication I'd be having at the point of a 103 fever would be limited to silent prayers to God for death.

I always feel guilty when I treasure moments with my sick, cuddly, innocent children. Aren't they so dear when they are sick and need their mommy? But, I do think that if we are to forego preschool for four days straight so that I can care for, cuddle and doctor my ill child, that the least I should get out of it is some blessed silence. I do have Red Fish, of course, but he is still pretty silent. Or at least his babbles don't require an immediate response from me or for me to make up an answer to an unanswerable question (like, "Do you remember that person with that thing that time we went to the place and we saw the people and all that stuff? Mom? Mom? Do you remember?).

We are going "on holiday" this weekend. I know. Please do not comment on the wisdom or lack thereof of taking a recovering child out of town. But he has been fever free for 24 hours. And it turns out that his temperature is in inverse proportion to his spoken words/minute. As it goes down, the words go up- as if that should even be possible. We have had the tripped planned and Two Fish and I especially need a change of scenery. The Scientist will be home in two hours. I'm considering taking a page from his book and hiding out in the bathroom with my ipod on for at least an hour of it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Where Have I Been?!

So, howabout I just discovered that the author of one of my favorite blogs, the QC Report, is famous! I don't mean famous in the blog world either. Really, really famous. She's Quinn Cummings!!!

I know. I didn't know who that was either, but in some of the comments, readers would refer to her famousness and at first I just thought it was flattering banter. But no. I finally wondered what I was missing and googled her and she was on several TV shows and was in The Goodbye Girl (haven't seen it). SHe also invented the Hiphugger baby sling (don't have one). And her blog was in Newsweeks blog picks of the week (never read it). And here I thought she was just a really funny mom writing a blog like the rest of us. Duh.

I have no choice but to conclude that I am hopelessly out of it. I'm sooooo glad I didn't comment on her blog and reveal my cluelessness. In any case, check out her blog. She is a fantastic writer.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On the road again...

Ahhh. Here I sit again, procrastinating. I'm starting to think that I'm just pimping out this blog just to avoid dealing with some...well, avoidance issues.

I'm leaving at o'dark thirty tomorrow morning to go visit my nieces in Virginia. Well, my darling sister and my very tolerant brother-in-law live there too, but they aren't nearly as cute and don't require as much bribing. So, it's off to see the nieces. One two years old and one a week old. Since I was outside the door and heard the first cries of my older niece, I feel as though I way behind seeing this new one.
So, I will leave at some ungodly hour with Red Fish. BTW- I understand that there has been a little confusion about why he is Red Fish. I have posted a picture that should clear up any pondering. Anywho- I will fly to VA and stay until late Monday. If you are a Mommy, you are all in a tizzy for me already, Iknow. I am going to be gone for Valentines Day. I am going to be gone for count them, three school days. To break it down by the numbers we've got:

67 valentines that must arrive (on time) to school tomorrow.

24 treat bags that must arrive... blah, blah, blah- you get it.

6 lunches that must somehow get packed between now and the time I return. And remembered on the way out the door. Not counting The Scientist's lunches. He's on his own.

Other than lunch, 12 meals/person will be consummed in my absence. If a single one of them contains a vegetable other than ketchup, I will eat a copy of this post (with ketchup.)

Two children's activities to attend- at the same time. I have no plan to accomodate this as of yet...

10 hours of sleep/child (minimum) that must be had each night in order for the whole show not to fall apart. The Scientist should consider himself warned.

900 bagillion miles between me and whatever crisis will ensue here. Five days. FIVE DAYS!

Approximately 12 conversations I've had with myself today about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of flying with one fishy and leaving the other two at home. For some reason, I'm not nervous about flying with all the fishies. But leaving the ground with just one of them and leaving the other 3/5 of my family behind? That seems to be tempting something. I even called The Scientist to run through with him all my wishes should "something" happen. Needless to say, he thought I was crazy and wasn't what you would call "engaged" in the conversation. Actually, it wasn't much of a conversation. Really, just me talking and him mhhhming and sighing with exasperation. For the record though, if he gets remarried, he needs to tell her right up front that she is going to have to finish a cabinet project.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

See, I am Bob Vila

Here are pre-and post cabinet picts. The bottom cabinets haven't been done yet, so I used those for the before picture. Impressive, yes? STK, let me know if you need more details.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We've Got Annie!

Did anyone see the Dr. Phil on vigilantes? OMG, I want to be the old lady when I grow up.

For those of you who do better things with your time than watch Dr. Phil, let me fill you in. The old lady was put off time and time again by her cable company. They waited several days in a row for the cable man to show up to do their cable and phone because they'd gotten one of those great deals when they got the two together. So, after the guy finally comes (after several days of promising to be there) they discover that they have no phone service at all. She explained on Dr. Phil that they then went down to the cable company to try to fix the situation. They couldn't call them, obviously. When they got there, they were made to wait two hours and were then told that the people they needed to see were all gone for the day. They drive home and the old man said that he thought they were just going to go back the next day and try again. Oh, no. The little old lady had much different plans, for she was rooting around in the basement. Soon, she comes up the stairs and tells him to get in the car, that they are going to go get the phone turned back on. I guess he didn't think to get any details from her on the trip to the cable place. H sure was surprised when she walked in and began smashing computers and phones with her big fat hammer!!! After the rampage, she leaned across the counter to the teller lady and said, "Do I have your attention now?!"

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what you call ballsy. Can I please be her? Or can she at least blog so that I can read about her exploits that I am not ballsy enough to pull off?

In other, much more important news. My niece- Annie- was born today. This makes 5 nieces for me so far and each one has brought as much joy as the first.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Call me Bob (as in Vila)

The Scientist knows me pretty well. I am impetous and impulsive and have been known to have a touch of the stubborn. He has said many times that when he goes out of town, he will always come back to some sort of major change. Like, his wife chopped all her hair off change. Or, the living room is now the dining room or vice versa kind of change. Like when I moved the jillion pound armoire from one end of the house to the other and used it as a starting point to "redecorate" the playroom. By myself. Pregnant. That kind of change. So, I'm still a litte confused at why he was so taken aback when I announced spontaneously in the middle of a Lowe's trip to pick out fruit trees (more on that later) that I think I just might re-do our kitchen cabinets while he is gone this week. Shouldn't he have seen this coming? Perhaps he was hoping that for this trip I was going to feel the compulsion to "change" our garage into something organized. But, he should have known better. Organizing the garage has nothing on tearing up the kitchen when it comes to fun.

So, after a 30 minute meeting with Al in Lowe's and three calls to my mother-in-law (she was the one who "put this idea in my head" to begin with), I had a can of stain, an animal hair brush that cost about as much as our dinner this evening, a vat of paint thinner and some TSP. I had never used TSP. I'd heard about it. I think. But, it sounded sort of scary and initial-y and chemical-y. It also sounded as though it might require a respirator mask and some thick gloves. As much fun as it sounds to send The Scientist right over the edge and have him come home to me, knee deep in something called TSP, with hazmat gloves on and a respirator (while the kids played Connect Four at the table with their little baby respirators on and Red Fish sat in the exersaucer with his on), it did sound like it could be the kind of thing that could mess up my manicure. If I had one. Which I don't. So, I had every intention of never using this TSP until Al At Lowe's came into my life and changed it forever.

At this point in the post, I would encourage you to go to your nearest home improvement store and purchase some TSP. If you don't and you decide that it might change your life like it has changed mine, then you'll be all ready to go to town with it and won't have any. You'll have to go out to said home improvement store then and it will destroy any momentum you've built up. So, go get some. I'll wait...

Got it? Good. Here's what you can do with it. DESTROY cabinet smuck. The stuff that builds up on your cabinets after you've put your slightly oily hands all over them for several months. Years. Whatever. Disolve it in a bit of warm water and go to town. Test it on the back of a cabinet door first. I don't want to be responsible for you stripping the customs. Put on a pair of rubber gloves if you have sensitive skin. I do, but I survived without them. And my cabinets couldn't be cleaner. The stuff is life changing. All those hours with a scotchbrite and/or toothbrush on those nasty cabinets? Gone with the wind (or TSP). One good wipe down with a retired washcloth or scotchbrite sponge and you have a different (or at least a lot cleaner) kitchen.

As good as the cabinets looked, I did still have the big can of stain. Minwax Polyshades can be slapped on cabinets without stripping them! Another life, kitchen and bathroom changing discovery. Thanks, SD! So, I spent the weekend getting a headstart on my absent Scientist project. I did all the top cabinets. I don't have that many. More on that later, too. I would say that pictures will follow, but I haven't posted any Mardi Gras pictures yet, so I won't make further promises that I may or may not intend to keep.

Don't hate me because my cabinets are beautiful.